Why Atlas has your money

OK, so your employer must, by law, set you up with a pension. But some employers may feel that they are unable to do all the work that comes with looking after a pension scheme. This is where Atlas comes in. By joining Atlas, an employer knows that their employees’ pension accounts are looked after, and that they’re in a pension scheme which is being run safely and securely. It also means that when you leave your employer, your pension isn’t tied in with them. As we said, it really is your pension.

Your money is safe

All the money paid into Atlas is put into individual pension accounts and kept separate from your employer. It’s held on your behalf by the trustee. When we say it’s your pension, it really is your pension.

If your employer goes bust…

No one wants to think about this but, let’s face it, it can happen. This is where a Master Trust helps. Your employer has no access to the money that’s been paid into Atlas. It’s not linked to your employer and is separate from the assets of your employer. So, if the worst happened and your employing company went bust, the money paid into your pension account would be safe and wouldn’t be affected.

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