Steve retired last year. It was something he’d been looking forward to for a long time. He had loads of things planned and just wanted to get his hands on his money.

It was a pretty simple process. Steve was retiring early so he had to contact the administration team directly to let them know he wanted to retire and get details of the options available. After his phone call he received his information in the post about 5 days later. He took some time to review his options and chose to take a series of lump sums and keep the rest of his money invested in Atlas so it would grow. Steve sent back all forms with his ID.

He had to find out some further information about his other pensions because Atlas needed more information, he was confused about what it was they wanted so he gave them a call. One quick phone call later and he knew what he needed.

This information was sent through to Atlas and they paid the amount of money Steve wanted to take from his pension account to him. He got 25% of it tax free and paid tax on the rest but this was an amount that was good enough for him to start his retirement. Steve thinks that he won’t need another lump sum for a few years now so he’s hoping that his pension account is invested in the right funds. To make sure Steve will be seeing his financial advise.

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