'Do it for me' profile investing

Atlas' standard lifestyle profile uses a combinations of funds; our Multi Asset Portfolios: MAP1, MAP2, MAP3 and our Cash fund.

The MAPs differ in how they invest, with MAP1 being more invested in equities (and so more risky) than MAP3 (with MAP2 in the middle). You can find out more about our Multi Asset Portfolios in the investment guide.

If you choose the ‘Do it for me’ profile, your pension account will be automatically invested in MAP1 as the Trustee believe that this investment strategy delivers the best outcome for most members through their working lives. As you get closer to retirement, your pension account is then automatically and gradually moved from MAP1 into MAP3 and cash, to help protect it from sudden falls just before retirement.

Even if you’ve chosen ‘Do it for me’, it makes sense to check your account every so often to make sure it’s still right for you.

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