‘Do it for me’ profile - Cash Lifestyle Strategy

The Capita section’s Cash Lifestyle Strategy is the default investment option for members of the Capita section of Atlas, and could be used if you wish to take your retirement savings as cash, either as one lump sum or a series of cash sums. Currently 25% of the amount can be paid tax free, with the remaining 75% taxed as income.

As you approach retirement, this option switches out of more risky assets (with the objective being that any falls in investment markets, which you would struggle to make up in the short period to retirement, should have less of an impact on your fund). In the immediate years to retirement this option retains a higher weighting to cash in order that this is available for you to withdraw as a lump sum at retirement.

Even if you’ve chosen ‘Do it for me’, it makes sense to check your account every so often to make sure it’s still right for you.

This investment option may not be suitable for you if you are not planning to take your savings as cash at retirement, and you might want to think about one of the ‘help me do it’ profiles.

Please note, if you invest in this fund you cannot invest in any other lifestyle strategies or funds.

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