Capita cyber incident

07 August 2023

Capita Plc (“Capita”) reported a cyber-incident in March 2023 involving a hacker targeting some of its computer servers. Capita processes your personal data to administer the Atlas Master Trust on the Trustee’s behalf. Capita has confirmed that some data relating to Capita clients, including SEI Trustees, was copied or exfiltrated by the hacker. Capita has taken extensive steps to recover and secure data, and to remediate any issues arising from the incident. It also advised that specialist advisers are monitoring the ‘dark web’ for evidence of data being posted. SEI was not targeted in the cyber-security incident, and SEI’s systems remain secure and operating as normal.

We have written to the members who have been directly affected by this, and want to assure you that the Trustee and Capita continue to investigate and assess the incident. Should the Trustee receive any additional relevant information, we will contact members again.

We also wanted to remind you how to be alert to potential fraudsters and keep yourself safe from scams.

  • Watch out for suspicious calls, texts or emails – if anything looks strange contact the organisation it’s meant to be from using phone or email details that you already have, rather than those in the suspicious message.
  • Don’t hand out personal or bank account details unless you're sure you’re talking to a legitimate organisation.
  • Use strong passwords (that have numbers, letters and symbols in) and change them regularly.

For more information on pension scams, and how to spot a scam, visit

Please note that we will be contacting you in the next few weeks with your annual benefit statement – this will be sent to your registered email address from