New transfer regulations

01 June 2022

Due to the increased risk of pension scams, new rules came into place on 30 November 2021 that require trustees and pension providers to prevent pension transfers if they believe the circumstances to be suspicious. Factors that may give rise to a request for a pension transfer being delayed or possibly even refused include, but are not limited to, a member:

  • Not providing sufficient information in relation to the transfer when requested to do so
  • Being given financial advice from a company without the appropriate regulatory permissions
  • Receiving an unsolicited request to transfer funds from their pension
  • Feeling pressured into making a transfer
  • Wanting to transfer to a receiving scheme with high-risk, unregulated investments and/or which charges fees that are unclear or noticeably high

It’s important to remember that these regulations have been introduced to make transfers safer. The extra checks involved may also make transfers slower, so please be patient if you’re going through the process, and be aware of the likely timescales if you’re considering it.