Merger update

01 June 2022

As we reported last year, on 19 November 2021, SEI took over from Capita as the financial and strategic backer of Atlas. SEI has its own master trust, and we’re working towards merging the two, taking the best from both to create one exceptional master trust.

Please be assured that your pension savings remain under the secure and responsible oversight of the Trustee, who has a duty to protect your interests at all times. Lots of the work so far has been behind the scenes, making sure we understand the similarities and differences between the two master trusts, and ensuring that we’ve considered everything necessary to make the merger as seamless as possible.

We’ll keep you informed as and when there are changes that affect you. One of the first changes that you will see is that we are moving to a new SEI brand during the course of 2022. You will see some documents in the current Atlas brand, and increasingly see newer documents in the new SEI brand; for example your annual update (mentioned later) will be in the current Atlas brand for the last time. We hope you’ll like the new brand and we’ll be sharing more about this and asking for your feedback later in the year.