Increase in charges (Series 3 members only)

21 December 2020

This article is only for members who are (or who have been) employed by Capita, Affinity Workforce, Link Asset Services, Constructionline, Apex Financial Services, Parking Eye and Right Digital Solutions. 

All trustees of Defined Contribution pension schemes like Atlas are required by law to provide certain information about investment costs and charges to members.

There are different charges for each of the different investment options available to you. The charges deducted by Atlas can be found in members’ Investment Guides.

As mentioned in the investment guide, from January 2021 some of you will see a small increase in the Total Expense Ratio (TER) for the standard Atlas Lifestyling funds. This charge will apply to you if you’ve invested in any of the Atlas Lifestyle strategies, or have actively chosen to invest in the funds in the table below:

Fund TER to 31/12/20 TER from 1/1/21 Difference
Atlas Multi Asset Portfolio 1 (MAP1) 0.510% 0.554% +0.044%
Atlas Multi Asset Portfolio 2 (MAP2) 0.453% 0.506% +0.053%
Atlas Multi Asset Portfolio 3 (MAP3) 0.400% 0.467% +0.067%

MAP1, MAP2 or MAP3?

We understand that not everyone is an investment expert, so Atlas offers specially constructed portfolios that invest in a number of different asset classes. MAP1 has the highest equity content and is the most volatile. MAP3 has the lowest equity content and is the least volatile. MAP2 sits in between.

To find out more about investing your Atlas pension account, explore the website. And to find out where your own pension account is invested, simply visit the Atlas member portal.