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  1. This is all the money you have paid in since you started. This only includes the money taken from your wages and paid into your pension account.
  2. Here is all the money that your employer has paid into your pension account since you started plus any investment returns. This money is your money and won’t be taken back from your employer.
  3. Here you will see the current value of any money that you have transferred in to Atlas from other pension accounts.
  4. This is the total you have in your pension account at the statement date. This is the total of all what you have paid, your employer has paid, any money you have transferred in and investment returns.
  1. Here you will find what we think you will be able to get when you are looking to retire. The figures we quote will be based on the retirement date you chose when you joined Atlas.
  1. This section will show you what could happen to your pension if you pay a little more. We will give you the total fund value as well as an expected pension. If you are over 50 you will see slightly different information on page 4. You will be given details of what you can do with your money and how much that will be in today’s terms.
  1. Here’s where you’ll see how your pension has grown in the last year. You’ll see everything that has been paid in from you, your employer as well as anything you have transferred in. You’ll also see how your investments have performed too.
  2. This is your transfer value at your statement date. If you are looking to transfer your pension to another pension scheme you will have to ask the administration team for a formal quotation.
  1. This includes the details of what would be payable to your spouse or dependants if you die. Please make sure you check that your expression of wish is up to date. Simply visit the Atlas member portal.
  2. We want to use less paper and communicate more electronically. Simply scan the QR code and give us your contact details. We promise we won’t use them for anything else, other than your Atlas pension.
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